Welcome to My Occasional Read

“We none of us expect to be in smooth water all of our days.”

— Jane Austen, Emma

I have been an academic law librarian since 2007. I am interested in a lot of things that are directly connected with and adjacent to my work in this field.

I started this blog to further one of my important goals, which is to read and consider one scholarly article per weekday. My hope was that this public forum will provide the motivation I need to keep this going. However, the reality of the situation is that I can’t read and blog every day. Hence the change in the name of this blog, from “daily read” to “occasional read.” “Occasional” has meant many things over the years, and during must of the pandemic it has mostly meant “never.” Nevertheless, I am persisting.

I do not have a scientific way of selecting articles. I subscribe to several table-of-contents feeds for journals on topics that I find interesting, which means my email inbox is full of references to articles that I might want to read.

Articles will generally relate to the following topics: librarianship, information literacy, law, social sciences, multilingualism, psychology, sociology, workplace culture, burnout, social justice, and critical studies.