Welcome to My Daily Read

“We none of us expect to be in smooth water all of our days.”

β€” Jane Austen, Emma

I started this blog to further one of my important goals, which is to read and consider one scholarly article per weekday. I am hoping that this public forum will provide the motivation I need to keep this going.

I do not have a scientific way of selecting articles. I subscribe to several table-of-contents feeds for journals on topics that I find interesting, which means my email inbox is full of references to articles that I might want to read.

Each work day, I have a 30-minute appointment on my calendar called “Daily Read.” My method is to attach a PDF of an article that I have downloaded to the appointment so that I can read it and make notes about it. I will do a short blog post for each of these daily reads, in which I will discuss the article and my reaction to it.

Articles will generally relate to the following topics: librarianship, information literacy, law, social sciences, multilingualism, psychology, sociology, workplace culture, burnout, social justice, and critical studies.